Spring catalogs

Feel free to browse our spring catalogs, which will help you find the right compression springs, pull springs, torsion springs, disk springs for you.

Spring levers:

We offer various types of levers for agricultural machinery. The following catalog includes levers used in seeders, tedders, rakes, pickers and combine harvesters.

Catalogs with piston springs, divided by load:

Blue piston spring L1S L1S spring color: blue.
L1S – light loads, oval cross-section
Red piston spring L2S, spring color: red.
L2S – medium loads, oval cross-section
Brown piston spring L3S, spring color: brown.
L3S – high loads, oval cross-section
Green piston spring L4S, spring color: green.
L4S – very high loads, oval cross-section
Yellow piston springs Spring color: yellow.
Very light loads
Blue piston springs Spring color: blue.
Light loads
Green piston springs Spring color: green
High loads
Brown piston springs Spring color: brown.
Very high loads

Need custom spring solutions?

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